While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. But she faces an obstacle that she is utterly blind to, now. Eidolon learns that he has six children because his power acts without his conscious knowledge. These events would precipitate a thought, minutes after the conversation with Riley Grace Davis. [49], The Simurgh refers to herself as female. Therell be doubts, its not enough. A third screen showed Dauntless. Had he been here when Id used my power? They're not going to fly African kids with rare genetic disorders to a Simurgh victim. Monster, Not a Hero 3: Animorphs/My Hero Academia. well. Too likely that I was mentally unstable. Nobodys ever a Bohu SI, everyone goes for Ultimate Final Form Birdmom. [37] She is a cunning planner[38] who, after finding a desired future outcome, will methodically work backwards to decipher the critical events needed to make this outcome possible. [298] However, having less vulnerable costume parts can weaken her grip; after Victoria Dallon removed her coat and shoulder decorations,[299] her flight and forcefield could now overpower the Simurgh's faint grip. You are using an out of date browser. The Titan was relentless, and stopped only when Fortunas group made its move. How tall do you need to be to have god-tier TK and telepathy? Well this is going to end in fire, tears, and most likely Piggot laughing maniacaly as Ziz trolls the everloving fuck out of her. It snagged on my attention, making it harder to maintain a train of thought. [178][179] Her active scream is explicitly range-limited: she would have to fly closer and then emit her signal to even have a chance at working around Dinah's blind spot to figure out what happened during the remainder of the Wardens' meeting. Missing wings were growing back, and her lower body existed as a series of feathers, touching end to end, or end to middle. As the multiverse steels itself for the apocalyptic breaking of the ice, the Simurgh makes a visit to Earth Shin, leaving a plethora of Tinkertech in a small area near Shin's portal with Gimel before disappearing. A compilation of various oneshots I've done centered around Human!Endbringers. This can be arranged by positioning targets carefully. -. [267][279][280] On one occasion, she picked up six buildings to orbit around her. I look forward to parent/teacher conferences. [166], Acting as her active sonar system, the Simurgh's 'active scream' is a psionic signal that she consciously chooses to emit that collects a steady feed of information about the environment. A shop that sells items that may or may not change the very definition on an S-Class Threat. [335], In a desperate attempt to subsume Titan Fortuna before Dauntless can join her network, the Simurgh flies towards Fortuna's small army of Titans. [259] Torso felt fantastic when fighting against the Simurgh[260][261] because of his All-or-Nothing invulnerability. And so they have fallen into place. Finally, she decided to cede ground. Mostly seen from Taylor's perspective not the SIs. Subconscious desires. Memories of a Simurgh - Crack ex Machina (follows Diabolus ex Machina) by Thinker6 (3 chapters, . What helps the Justice League get the edge is the Martian Manhunter. But the Simurgh is on a corner world right now and she flew to him. For best results, please use a different E-mail provider for your QQ address. As if to punctuate the statement, the Marduk was hit from the side. Hed been holding on to them, but the anger and circumstances were apparently enough to force a shift. Tattletale was caught up in a conversation with Knave of Clubs, and fell under the Simurghs shadow. Memories of a Simurgh Victim - Diabolus ex Machina A Worm fanfiction story in which the Simurgh visits Brockton Bay. Id been unable to participate when the Simurgh had attacked flight BA178. It might not seem like a problem here, because youre close to the home node, but there are people on the periphery or far-flung regions and theyre going from satellite to ground to satellite to here, across several Earths. Or do it because Scion killed Behemoth, your brother, and some part of you is programmed with a sense of kinship or whatever. Or was she getting to the point where she was one step ahead again? Larger chunks of buildings, massive rocks, and even chunks of earth with several trees rooted in them began to spill out and plunge to the ground. [336] Using the cover provided by the surrounding ruined cityscape, she tries to dodge the relentless attacks from Dauntless until she eventually gets close enough for Fortuna's group to make its move, causing Dauntless to stop his attacks. Means to ends. News. Things are better this time, Sveta said. [215] For non-temporary blind spots, although she cannot directly perceive them, she can potentially observe the aftermath of their actions after they occur in real time by looking at the reactions of visible individuals; she can then guess the blind spot's location using this context. Put all of that aside and look at his fighting ability, the highest end of what he's done (punch the planet buster [surface wiping] beam, nullify/exceed that energy and have the force of the punch still affect the landscape halfway across the world) puts him on a level equal to or surpassing String Theory's Drive weapons. Place, smell, degree of stress, sights and sounds match fulcrum point. [121][194] Shard-derived sensory powers cannot perceive Mantellum (i.e., he blinds shards);[195][196][197] he and anyone in his radius are presumably a blind spot as even Contessa cannot perceive him with her All-or-Nothing power. It can and will happen in new universes. And you stopped in the middle of a conversation. [Worm CYOA 1 Endbringer SI] + [Eldritch Revelation CYOA]. Had I been on foot, it was the one I would have caught. With those two you can never be sure, but it looks like they arent aligned. He focused on the Simurgh, watching the countdown. Read it at Sufficient Velocity or at FanFiction.net. -. [111] Ten minutes after Lung's success, the Simurgh personally confronts and stares at him before returning to orbit. Theres thinker powers that mess with her ability to influence events. [210][211][206] Thus, a precognitive's range of influence can make deciphering the following events difficult[205] and obscure possibilities from her sight. [307], Her flight can work outside Earth's atmosphere. [172], The amount of sustained exposure an individual can withstand before passing their code yellow or code red thresholds is dependent on their mental stability. -. [333], The Simurgh for a short period took over the Mathers Giant, that was used to sedate all her other victims. One silver eye, and one perfect silver orb in a badly tarnished silver skull framed by wisps of hair. [86][87], Eidolon created the Simurgh with a fundamental drive to go to war against him. -, The Simurgh! Put me down as a seven. -. She was able to fake her destruction at Zion's hands and helped to break his mind. [262], In theory, a sufficiently powerful telepath can detect her psychic echolocation and also remove the Simurgh's psychic influence from deeply-affected victims. Signing up to the forum with one of these addresses will result in your verification E-mail never arriving. The Simurgh was blocking three out of four of our moves now. [140][165] She is also slower than Victoria Dallon carrying Rain O'Fire Frazier;[306] Victoria can keep up with a train travelling at around 100 mph. [185] Eidolon built her from structures that presumably have the common ability of flight. no angst, setup done, action starting almost immediately An SI controlling the Simurgh? He has a power that messes with precogs some, and the, She can see the events as they would unfold, and carries out her activities in plain sight. -. Our ability to fly comes from the waste common to most of our kind, because we had to fly to get to our destinations. She is the most recent of the trio to appear, having first made her presence known in Lausanne, Switzerland in 2002. Metaphor. For example, Victoria Dallon after coming to terms with the Fragile One[243] is highly resistant because she has been dealing with her obvious weak spots for years. Scion was still engaged with the Endbringers in Gimel. [294], She can telekinetically grab costume parts that are not close enough to the skin to be considered an extension of the individual, allowing her to obliquely throw around these specific individuals. -, She rotated in the air, holding her position, wings flat at her sides. [] (Or, as in the case of String Theory, Endbringer cooperation/timing would keep her from ever being able to set up a proper hit). Withdrawal disengaged from his tinkertech frame, and he held his hands over his head, pointing up at Byrons stone. [331] She later ambushed the leading group, that was securing the complex, killing several heroes in the process. Weve learned from mistakes. Uphill/doomed project from the start. Temperature, radiation, causality, biological signals. [185][186], A tuned Stilling attack, such as one from Scion, can momentarily cancel her active scream. They will be shut in with no hero presence except maybe New Wave to keep them in check, and the city will turn into a warzone when the gangs fight for the choicest pieces of the carcass. Messages From An Angel Taylor talks to the Simurgh via PHO I believe. One of the monitors on his console flickered, then showed a pair of hearts, a curved line between and below them, a smiley face. It meant they stayed on the fringe of the Simurghs power, the volume of the keening song as low as they could hope to keep it, and it meant there was one less cardinal direction that any creatures could approach them from. I walked her further up the stairs, and then used my aura, keeping the range contained to a matter of feet, the effect the closest thing I could approximate to calm. There was someone in costume sitting on the stairs in the dark, hands over his ears, rocking a little. -, I looked at her, at Bastard, who barely seemed to be breathing anymore. Animaster: The Rescue: Worm/Animorphs7. The scream filled my head, impossibly high and drawn out, cold and changing just often enough that I couldnt anticipate it or get used to it. And when we thought things would be okay, she made a move. Like Ziz is for the Simurgh? -, "Let's face the facts, Simurgh. -. Haha, this looks like a promising crack. PrecognitiveEndbringer Physiology(Core probably buried in a joint of her largest wing)[25][26] Where enough different strikes intersected enough times, that which lay within broke away, falling back to reveal something else on the other side. He had ideas on solving world hunger, and building aquatic cities near cities plagued by overcrowding. She. Someone whod snapped and become hostile? Withdrawal was back in his frame, now, covered in yellow that looked like hed sloshed a bucket of paint over himself. The water finished pouring out, and the Morrgan took its first steps. - Wildbow on Reddit, archived on Spacebattles, He likely had the means of creating the moon bubbles and tertiary systems and life support and keeping it running but maintenance starts getting tricky. He didnt like the idea that the others were doing that poorly. - Wildbow. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Memories of a Simurgh Victim - Diabolus ex Machina. I didn't see anyone else think of this, but yes there is one character in Worm, that could ab-sol-ute-ly fix Star Wars, no matter the era (Well, more than one, but still). The Endbringers are dormant, were finally building things without them being torn down all the time. -, The remaining Endbringers are quiet, Capricorn said. The Simurgh lay prone within the storm that was the Sleeper. For most teenagers, coming down for breakfast and meeting your father's new significant other is something that is rather shocking and disorienting. She must be unmolested. The title is Diabolus ex Machina for a reason. Assuming the two sides don't have prior knowledge of one another, the Simurgh can use the same tactic she used in Lausanne. The video feed fritzed momentarily, and I could see faces in the crowd flinch. [347][348] Defiant decides to trust in Dauntless[247] and flies his ship right past him at speeds fast enough to peel away damaged hull. Later on, he learns that said children used to be the Endbringers. [140] According to Fortuna, the Simurgh can only command Khonsu, Bohu, and Tohu by successfully merging with her and then using an Eidolon shade via Titan Valkyrie;[141] the Simurgh-Fortuna amalgamation would then use her living siblings as bodyguards. I love Taylor's thoughts here, and her reaction to both her own actions and the big picture. Weve been holding them off but -, Defiant steered a careful course around the cluster of Titans, mindful of the Simurghs plotted course, as she tried to stay away from Dauntless and the attacks the Titan made with the spear of light. Given how shard shenanigans cause all the conflict in Worm and the Simurgh is well, The. When she wasnt fighting, she was a distance away from my teammate and friend. Animaster Teaser: Animorphs/Worm6. Krouse noted how the screaming in his head seemed quieter. Fair bit of anger, room for some vengeance. Genre: Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi Characters: Simurgh, Taylor Rating: T Summary: When considering the Simurgh, it is fair to theorize that all of canon was a Simurgh plot to put Taylor in the best possible position to save the world. If another precog gets a hand in events, the Simurgh automatically shuts them down and vice-versa. But in a good way. [167], When the Wardens attempted an assault on her, she humored them for a while, then deployed the Machine Army to tie their forces, and went straight to their HQ. Diminishing returns with each target struck. The future is awfully big. Coil, the Undersiders, the Empire, New Wave. Each and every one of us, weve got a board and were sitting on the other side of the table from the all-knowing angel. It knocked his shot off course- brought his nose around toward Dragons craft. What I want to know is why the hell you havent used a power like yours to figure out how to beat the Endbringers., Not as I or my power understand circumstances, and my power understands everything outside of the blind spots that are Teacher, Valkyrie, the Simurgh, and two broken triggers that authorities arent aware happened. -, Tons of people gathered. Ah, but Ive been rude, not introducing myself. [41], The Simurgh is aware of the concept of joy and calm. -, The first things Id done after Coils men had unloaded the furniture and supplies was to hook up an internet connection and computer and get my television mounted on a wall and connected to a satellite. [359][360][361] When the Simurgh was flung into his storm, she was trapped, lay prone, and was taken out of the picture entirely. Oh shit ! [167][168][151] This active scream is optimized for combat: it exerts a psychic pressure[153][169] that presents an offensive time-intensive threat to her opponents. He swept past Dauntless, bracing himself for a shield to come between himself and his destination, or a spear to strike the side of his Marduk. Since it has happened MULTIPLE times now, I want to be very clear about this. And I really started to downright hate when SIs go all gaga over her. [206][177], The Simurgh is unable to borrow powers from blind spots. [119] Tattletale believes the Simurgh shares some sense of kinship with her siblings. One being that were a danger to others. Work Search: Our analysis of the Simurgh comes from years of experience! It has to be, like, existentially exhausting across universes or something to be Taylor Hebert. Titan Skadi was there too, her blade-hand at the Simurghs back. As a conflict between Shin and Gimel risks erupting, a portal opens, revealing the new world of Etheria, where the forces of the Rebellion battle the alien conqueror Horde Prime, and a source of immense power risks falling into the wrong hands. She responds in kind. The Simurgh ascended from the skyline a mile away, a half-dozen uprooted buildings orbiting lazily around her. I don't know what to think. The light caught the glass, at first, obscuring the contents. -. It gave her legs, and suggested she was hollow, where Behemoth had had a skeleton and a core. A note about the current Ukraine situation: The rules regarding NSFW links have been updated. JavaScript is disabled. Powers don't really go into space, because, well, you've got the shard situated on the planet, and their reach is stretching, stretching up & out to the person with the shard. Where had the Simurgh been in contact with a tinker with that particular knowledge? I think the catch is that most precogs and danger sensers cant see triggers coming, even broken ones. -, Krouse was getting more excited, had to press his hand flat against the floor to stop it from shaking. -. (Anime), Fire Emblem: Kakusei | Fire Emblem: Awakening, | Youjo Senki | Saga of Tanya the Evil (Anime), | Youjo Senki | Saga of Tanya the Evil (Manga), | Youjo Senki | Saga of Tanya the Evil - Carlo Zen (Light Novels), Annalise the Queen of the Vilebloods/The Hunter (Bloodborne), Taylor Hebert | Skitter | Weaver/Lisa Wilbourn | Tattletale, Taylor Hebert | Skitter | Weaver/Sophia Hess | Shadow Stalker, Amy Dallon | Panacea | Red Queen/Taylor Hebert | Skitter | Weaver, Inverse | Aversa/My Unit | Reflet | Robin (Briefly), Tanya von Degurechaff/Viktoriya Ivanovna Serebryakov, Taylor Hebert | Skitter | Weaver/Victoria Dallon | Glory Girl | Antares, Different Take On Sophia Hess - Slightly OOC, Victor Just Wants To Have A Normal Day - Discuss, How to Train Your Endbringer - Multiverse Adventures. A crack fic but I'm guessing how many people have literal heart attacks at your unpredicted fast arrival. The various fragments, the little things, the bodies and pieces of furniture, they became part of a protective maelstrom around the Simurgh, orbiting her and blocking the barrage of long-range fire that the good guys were directing at her. [246], Ziz abandoned her perch for a moment after the encounter with Chevalier. Withdrawal moved close to the tinkertech, reaching, but failed to grab it, not that it looked like he was really trying.

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